I’ve been working in marketing and advertising in The Netherlands, Belgium and on an international level and seen both ends of the story. The story of marketing and advertising with strategy in between.

The strategy in between is crucial. Not only the strategy itself, the impact it has on an organization, but also the difference in language between them.

Through the years I’ve developed a special kind of language to make sure the strategy and the impact is understood on both sides. I believe that is a necessary skill, besides creating the strategy itself.

Especially today, where social media rules the world and people are more different then ever before. I believe in integrated branding, where the soul of a company is used as a filter for all processes, including communication.

The soul is the core of a brand or company and the interaction with the outside world. This interaction goes beyond qualitative research. It is getting in touch with the feelings and emotions of people. Apple, Google, Starbucks, Heineken but also local Dutch brands like Interpolis, Albert Heijn and Rabobank, are very good examples of that.

I want to help companies achieving that. Not only to become more successful, but also to add value to the world.


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