Corona Lockdown: A Perfect Time For Soulful Branding & Marketing

    Gerard Hoff & Nishith Srivastava | 28th April 2020  We all are struggling to stay afloat and justify our  brand & marketing initiatives in this  turbulent time, but another thing becomes apparent as well. In our mad rush for performance marketing, ROI and effectiveness, many brands forgot, or didn’t take the time, to... Continue Reading →

Knowledge is diversity of accumulated experience brought together.

It’s stupid to realize that we look at the experience of an agency as a company, while the experience of the agency actually is way more than what can be seen at first glance. Let’s face it: It’s the accumulated individual experiences that is way more interesting. It’s what recruiters are looking for in people... Continue Reading →

Start-up as a mindset

Why do we make an exception in our minds when we hear the word ‘Start-up’? Instantly we see hip girls and guys with fancy laptops and headphones, in cool environments, trying to inspire investors and each other, having high-end conversations about changing the world that are shared on Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium or any other relevant... Continue Reading →

Thin line between shock and surprise  

  Although new ideas are needed, it is definitely not a guarantee new ideas are embraced. People are in the operating modus and as a result have the tendency to rely on routine. New ideas are out of the ordinary, have the tendency to brake routines and often take time to be implemented and, most... Continue Reading →

Social media bravery

How come a lot of brands or companies are very boring on social media, while they know it's very important and high on the agenda? Their not brave enough. And the funny thing is that marketing people making these decisions are the same people, together with thousands of other people who will laugh, like and share the same stuff that needed... Continue Reading →

The 3 storytellers

I recently read that storytelling is going to be the marketing trend in 2015 and that is funny, because storytelling is as old as the first humanoids learning how to express feelings (actually it started with drawing on the walls of caves). It’s our brain that since then has been so over-developed with the neo-cortex,... Continue Reading →

9 Quantum Creativity Strategies

If the brain is a muscle, and in a way it is, it is possible to train it or even to stretch it. But remember, being creative is hard and continuous work. Here are some interesting ways to train the brain: Strategy 1. Take Some Creativity Risks The fear of doing things different is a... Continue Reading →

Cold exaggeration

Every now and then it's morning already colder and the gloves, scarves, hats and thick coats come out and put on. But if you pull everything out of the wardrobe, what will you on when it gets really cold? I think it's better to wear 'normal' clothes as long as possible and sparsely put on more or... Continue Reading →

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