Social media bravery

thumbHow come a lot of brands or companies are very boring on social media, while they know it’s very important and high on the agenda?

Their not brave enough.

And the funny thing is that marketing people making these decisions are the same people, together with thousands of other people who will laugh, like and share the same stuff that needed lot of bravery.

It is interesting to think about it.

What does it take to do, what you actually would personally like and share as a marketeer?
Is it becoming more creative, is it becoming tougher? Or create a greater understanding about social media? What is that wall between what you like and what you should, have to or must do as a marketeer?

I’ve been in many situations where great, creative ideas scared the living sh#%t out of people, but when they saw the kind-of same idea somewhere else or much later in time they liked it.

We all know the Apple baseline, Think different and it still makes sense (when you live up to it).

Our brain is trained to spot the differences, not to see  what we see al the time. That’s logical, because getting aroused about things that don’t need an immediate action and run away like hell (yes it is our limbic system, the same as a lizard has) will cost a lot of unnecessary energy.

It is the stuff that stand out that will make sense (when relevant (funny, interesting, touching, stimulating, …)) or better said, reach our senses.

I found a great presentation and good examples of a Belgian Advertising Agency called Duval Guillaume, showing bravery. Be inspired, become more brave!




Social media bravery

Magic potion for people and brands

TrnasparantWhat makes you laugh?
What makes you adore?
What touches you?

Most of the time it is something out of the ordinary. Out-of-the-ordinary, extraordinary. Ordinary is derived from the Latin word Ordianarius, meaning orderly. Ponder on that for while. Scary word, ordinary, orderly…

Yesterday I saw a number of great artists performing. They definitely were out of the ordinary and the crowd that went wild was humongous! It gave energy.

Painting is from Irene Hoff (visit

The same for Guernica from Pablo Picasso, the numerous paintings of Salvador Dali or the coloured squares of Piet Mondriaan. All paintings that were out of the ordinary and touched a lot of hearts (and souls).

And yet, we most of us try not to be out of the ordinary, but try to blend in. Being ordinary. When everybody’s doing that, the world would become a very boring place and everything will stay the same…

I believe every one of us has something extraordinary and with that extraordinary thing you can change the world!

In fact, with brands it is the same and brands on its own is nothing. All brands are created by extraordinary people. People with a vision and the bravery to resist the usual and be different (thanks Steve). That’s when the magic happens.

The funny thing is that ordinary people admire extraordinary people as long as they’re not working within their company. Interesting contradiction, isn’t it?

The big danger is that ordinary people within the companies do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome and be surprised the outcome is the same or worse because the environment is changing.

In a way it is good that ordinary people exist within ordinary companies with ordinary brands, because it offers opportunities for the extraordinary. And they’ll grab them, and the customers too….

But when you in such a company it is not a good idea.
But no worries. To be successful, the only thing you need to do is to be extraordinary and be able to use that magic.
But, it is scary to be extraordinary.

That’s why I invented a Magic Potion. It is called Potion number YOU.
It’s very simple: Take a glass of water add a drop of lemon or citron, then a pinch of salt. Stir it three times clockwise, than slam it on a table and drink it.

You’ll instantly feel a twinkle to do something extraordinary.
Amazing isn’t it?

This one’s for inspiration:

Make the magic happen!



Magic potion for people and brands


reciprocityFeeling the obligation to give what you receive. It was the first point in 6 scientific principles of persuasion.

That is nice and sounds contra-productive to many of us. Many of us have the natural tendency to go for the money immediately. That’s why we’re here, making money and so we’ll find the ‘shortest cut’ to make money.

What this video demonstrates is that before earning money we have to give. Money, attention, a gift, a good story, something like that. That creates the time to get to know each other. Yeah, I agree to that you might say, but we don’t act that way. We rather say ‘Look I AM nice’ buy me. Try that on a girl and there’s a solid 100% non-success rate.

Well, doing business in a world that is dominated by social media, it is the same. Don’t tell your great, show you are. Invest time. It is like the Hindu mantra (and probably more religions): Everything you give you receive back in three-fold. But be aware, it starts with giving.

Hence my re-interpretation of the word marketing:

Enjoy the film, it’s worthwhile!