Social media bravery

thumbHow come a lot of brands or companies are very boring on social media, while they know it’s very important and high on the agenda?

Their not brave enough.

And the funny thing is that marketing people making these decisions are the same people, together with thousands of other people who will laugh, like and share the same stuff that needed lot of bravery.

It is interesting to think about it.

What does it take to do, what you actually would personally like and share as a marketeer?
Is it becoming more creative, is it becoming tougher? Or create a greater understanding about social media? What is that wall between what you like and what you should, have to or must do as a marketeer?

I’ve been in many situations where great, creative ideas scared the living sh#%t out of people, but when they saw the kind-of same idea somewhere else or much later in time they liked it.

We all know the Apple baseline, Think different and it still makes sense (when you live up to it).

Our brain is trained to spot the differences, not to see  what we see al the time. That’s logical, because getting aroused about things that don’t need an immediate action and run away like hell (yes it is our limbic system, the same as a lizard has) will cost a lot of unnecessary energy.

It is the stuff that stand out that will make sense (when relevant (funny, interesting, touching, stimulating, …)) or better said, reach our senses.

I found a great presentation and good examples of a Belgian Advertising Agency called Duval Guillaume, showing bravery. Be inspired, become more brave!




Social media bravery