From push to embrace

a.k.a. from tell to inspire.
a.k.a. from selling experience to buying experience.

That times are changing is not a new concept , but how to deal with it is.

In the past, 80% of what was told about a brand was controlled by that brand…
Today, 70% of what is told by a brand is not controlled by that brand. From push to pull is an understandable and accepted concept, but it is not enough. In a world that is driven by social media, it is necessary to go beyond pull (also because it implicates the brand is still in control), towards embrace.

Embrace is at least a 2 way street.
It is about truly understanding your customer as a person, toward the level of empathy, but also act in a way people are willing to embrace you as a brand. Eventually and maybe, they become a customer as well.

That is about connecting to the Right Brain, connecting to the FEEL, not the KNOW, it is about inspiring.
That is not about telling what you know, but creating a context with the knowledge you have, in which the other is constantly invited to contribute, to add value, ideas and feeling.

Not just ideas, but co-creating a common feeling (between the brand and the people) of understanding and joy.
Right Brain Thinking is about embracing.
Ideas and each other.

From push to embrace

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