reciprocityFeeling the obligation to give what you receive. It was the first point in 6 scientific principles of persuasion.

That is nice and sounds contra-productive to many of us. Many of us have the natural tendency to go for the money immediately. That’s why we’re here, making money and so we’ll find the ‘shortest cut’ to make money.

What this video demonstrates is that before earning money we have to give. Money, attention, a gift, a good story, something like that. That creates the time to get to know each other. Yeah, I agree to that you might say, but we don’t act that way. We rather say ‘Look I AM nice’ buy me. Try that on a girl and there’s a solid 100% non-success rate.

Well, doing business in a world that is dominated by social media, it is the same. Don’t tell your great, show you are. Invest time. It is like the Hindu mantra (and probably more religions): Everything you give you receive back in three-fold. But be aware, it starts with giving.

Hence my re-interpretation of the word marketing:

Enjoy the film, it’s worthwhile!


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