The thing with ideas

Some people are afraid of good ideas, ideas that make a difference or contribute in some way. Good ideas bring change, that’s frightening.

Many people are petrified of bad ideas. Ideas that make us look stupid or waste time or money or create some sort of criticism.

The problem is that you can’t have good ideas unless you’re willing to have a lot of bad ideas as well.

It is like learning to play a guitar. The first time it sounds horrible, your fingers hurt and it doesn’t seem to go forward. But keep going playing bad notes is the only way to play them right.

Painters, musicians, marketers, writers, stand-up comedians, entrepreneurs, they fail more often than they succeeded. But they don’t give up. There’s more where that came from they say and a new idea is born already.

That’s why they succeed far more often than people who have no ideas at all.

Someone asked me where I get all my good ideas, explaining that it takes him a month or two to come up with one if at all. From his perspective, he believes I have a zillion of them, so he wondered.

I asked him how many bad ideas he has every month. He paused and said, “none.”

And there, you see, is the problem.

No-one changed the world by doing nothing.

The thing with ideas

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