The shiny world theory

When ‘people’ start to create a perfect world, to come to the solution, be very aware.

I don’t know why, but I have a natural tendency to go against the grain, so I listen as a criticaster, challenging the usual. That puts me in a constant ‘battle mode’ which I embrace, because most people don’t but….

I found out how it works. Tell a story in a very obvious way and then draw conclusions or make decisions based on that story and it sounds plausible. Especially when those people are higher management, like CEO’s, investors, general managers, because we tend to believe them based on their seniority. The scary part is that they believe it themselves.

Don’t be afraid to challenge these stories to create the real world.
Dare to make different and differentiating proposals. It can save a lot of time, money and frustration. Let’s face it, that’s no way of working, yet it happens everywhere!

Bottom line? You can’t have a good outcome when the prerequisites are wrong.
What’s your role?
Follower or challenger.

The shiny world theory

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