The Social Media Effect of Margiving

I think marketing is an old word, with the wrong connotation.

One of the definitions I learned a long time ago was that is the contraction of Market and Getting, which was good for The time The word was invented. Reality is that it doesn’t work like that anymore. Unfortunately one might say, but I’m saying that it is great. It makes the profession much more interesting and I like to call it margiving.

The challenge of course is, how can you give as a company and make money. Making money by the way isn’t bad at all! That’s why companies are in business in the first place.
It is about balance, but not only that. It is the way new communication works as well. Spending millions of dollars on advertising doesn’t do the trick (anymore). It’s something else, yes it’s word-of-mouth!

Margiving is giving people something to talk about. It is pretty simple when you think about it. Who do you remember most of the last party you went to? Exactly, the one that had a good story (or was a good story by him or herself). It sparks something. That’s the power of margiving. Creating waves.

But waves need a drop, an initiator, a fire starter…
Margiving takes a different kind of person then the one that knows how to get a promotion in the air. It takes people that understand the brand, it’s soul and know how to translate that into giving. Like the law of three, but then for business.

The Social Media Effect of Margiving

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