Closing the gap between fear and ambition

It is interesting to see.

Most people are ambitious in their lives and their jobs, but when it comes to the point to do that thing to realize the ambition, people get scared.

Not that I am a hero, but I’ve seen this happen many times, so I am aware. I am aware when my fear is paralyzing my ambition.

That reminded me of how close two words are, but with a world of difference. Paradise and Paralyse, especially when you speak it out loud (or in your mind).

And in general, I’m not having any problems with other people having the difficulty closing this gap, but when it comes to marketers, or CEO’s or managers, I have a problem.

The objectives clearly described, talking about touching their target groups and social media. But when the solution is presented, based on a lot of research and/or experience, they don’t ‘get it’. “No” they say, “this is not for us”, or “the company is not ready for it yet”.

But their target group is ready-ready-ready.

They all embrace Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or just the old-fashioned social media, real people talking to each other. Not embracing that as a company is missing out on the biggest the opportunity.

No, the problem is the ‘decision-maker’, that is basing his judgement solely on his or her own limited experience. Oh yeah, and they don’t make or won’t take the time to listen or to read about it. That, I have experienced many times. For a lot of them it’s even hard to read a clear and well-structured email, written for the purpose to take them by the hand and increase knowledge.

I say, how can you expect a different outcome when you do the things the same way, over and over again.

How can we get paradise without being paralyzed?

First of all it is about the ambition itself. Where do you really want to go. That is not a financial or a market share ambition, but an idealistic ambition.

That is about purpose, where do you want to go, what difference does your company want to make in this world. When the purpose is right, money will come as a result.

Tip: Think of a problem as the discrepancy between the current and the ideal situation and a whole universe of possibilities opens up!

Second is to gather knowledge and unrelated knowledge. Take the time, let it connect and mingle with the thoughts you already have. For a lot of people, this seems like a waste of time, but in the end it will save you time and make your decisions better and more effective. Believe me, knowledge will expand your possibilities (not your power..).

And thirdly, use this ambition as the ultimate source of energy. Believe in it, us it as a filter for the decisions you make. And don’t forget, it’s not always a straight line. But then again it is the journey, not the destination as such. The journey is the source of creativity. Open up, you’ll get there.

And last but not least: don’t be afraid. Have faith and do it step by step and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

When I type these last words, I realize this is not just a business blog.

It’s a blog about life. Life and work, it’s a thin line.

Closing the gap between fear and ambition

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