Wearing a bra is great for business

No I’m joking, but was caught by a sentence spoken by Anne Skare Nielsen, she’s a futurologist from future navigator and was talking about how we have to adapt in order to do business in 2020.

She says that in order to move from adding crap to adding value we need to find smooth operators. In different words: a surrounding offering the right support at the right places, without feeling it is there. Like a bra 😉

We have to create an environment for ourselves, in which we get the information we need in an instance, support when we need it and interaction when we ask for it. She calls that a Quality Fit.

Only in a situation like that we can really free our talents, spot opportunities in a complex world and changing them into opportunities and money. That is also the objective of Tangerine District, a project I am the co-creator of:

Creating the biggest chance to be successful, by supporting you at the right places by offering all kinds of business tools, like building a website, a CRM system, agenda, conference calling or any other kind of business tools.  For businesses and their success we are ready for the future and it’s for free! Besides, Tangerine District is fun too. A real Quality Fit.

Anne made a short video explaining her concept “quality fit”: http://tangerinedistrict.23video.com/video/3212115/anne-skare-nielsen-about

Check out Anne Skare Nielsen on future navigator.
By the way, feel free to join Tangerine District.

Wearing a bra is great for business

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