I have a great trust in people and their intentions. No kidding!

They’re the ones that plan meetings, make agenda’s, organise meeting rooms and coffee and cookies, reminding people not to forget. They also like to start the meetings, give a short outline of the objectives, making great summaries. They like to be the president.
I really love them, or rather loved them…

Let’s say, 50% of those people are ok, but the other half I call fasillytators, fa-silly-tators…

They look good on the outside, but they have an internal agenda that is not fitting the team’s objective. And the crazy thing is, that it takes a long time to discover. They’re very good in faking. Bottom line is, it’s a nice way of getting exposure for themselves and looking good for their team or senior management, but the question is: what are their real intentions.

The problem with fa-silly-tators is that they create a feeling of productivity and a lot of work and progress but: they’re no finishers, no decision makers. Just noise makers, creating an illusion. Most of the time, after a week or more, you start to realize there are almost never next steps, until the next meeting and then the whole thing starts again.

Somehow these ‘silly people’ are miraculously floating up in an organization, fa-silly-tating even more (I recently found out it’s called the Peter Principle). Be aware of them and stop them if you can.

Please do!


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